Former journalist and editor for the award-winning international broadcaster BBC News. Over 12 years experience there working as a writer, reporter, editor and multimedia content producer, managing both small and large teams in a variety of broadcast and written mediums.

More recently, the managing editor in a virtual office, managing a team of talented content editors and front page editors for the non-profit website DailySource. I trained nearly 100 editors during my six years there, meeting deadlines, writing and proofing copy and managing team relationships all using virtual technologies such as Skype, chat rooms, emails, and phone calls.

I believe…

I believe our online spaces can be inspiring, rewarding, creative and kind places if we work to make them so.

My non-negotiable values in business and in life are be loyal, be on time, and be kind

I don’t believe the end justifies the means

People turn to me in a crisis for support, strength and solutions

My British exterior is polite, unassuming and often overly apologetic, but England’s national animal is not a lion for nothing (inside we are a fierce and focused bunch)
As a technology geek it drives me crazy to see the potential of the world wide web being used for nefarious, selfish and sinister reasons and I am convinced we still have time to find ways to use this great power for good.

I am a deep thinker and creative dreamer who can see the potential in everyone

I go to bed each night with the satisfaction that I get to work with wonderful, creative, fun people who are making a difference in their corner of the world.

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